Ok, so let’s be honest. It can be hard to stay motivated ALL the time.

One of the hardest parts of the holiday season is keeping up motivation. How do you stay motivated when you’re a collegiate athlete but you’re at home on break? How do you make yourself go to the gym when it’s snowing or when you’re not feeling up to it? And how do you make yourself eat well when so many tempations arise during the holiday season? (Hint: It is possible.)

I’ve found that the two keys to staying motivated are the two Ms: moderation and mentality. I have definitely struggled the most with the latter. Like many endurance athletes, I have a “Type A” extreme personality. Sometimes, I tend to hold onto the mindset that I need to eat PERFECTLY during the day, and that if I do not eat completely well and consume a little treat that makes it okay to have more throughout the day.

This mindset is FLAWED and NOT the way to stay motivated to eat healthy. The key to finding balance and motivation to eat well, to workout, or whatever it may be, is moderation. Don’t try to stick to extreme diets or starve yourself – it isn’t healthy. Rather, try alternatives; like eating healthy 6 out of 7 days per week and allowing yourself a treat one day a week. Or, if you can handle it, have something small a few days a week. Creating a plan that fits your personality and schedule can help you find balance in your life… and this can help you stay motivated!

This goes along with the second “M”… mentality. Keeping a positive mentality is the KEY to accomplishing your goals and staying motivated to do so. In order to do this, you may want to keep a journal, talk to friends about your goals, make your phone background a motivational quote, keep a goal list on your desk, print out pictures of yourself at happy times to keep you in a good state of mind, etc. Some of these things help me when I’m not feeling motivated.

The key thing to remember when it comes with the struggle to stay motivated is that YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE FEELING THIS WAY and that YOU CAN DO IT! Reach out to friends and follow the steps above, and you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goals 🙂

Tri Hard,


it can be hard to resist over eating baked treats during the holiday season!!!


Core Sets: Part 1

Whether you like to do them before or after workouts, core sets are a great way to supplement the benefits of a traditional workout. I’ve tried countless core workouts… from my two year streak in middle school of doing 100 situps every day (I was weird. I didn’t ever miss a day. It was broken when I went to the hospital from stomach problems and couldn’t do them… haha) to more complex core sets at crew practices.

Along with many other triathletes, I like to keep core workouts as a part of my daily routine. Over the next few weeks or so, I’ll share some of my favorites with you!

This core workout is from Check it out! It works all the different muscle groups, and has quite a few different parts… from traditional crutches to bridged leg lifts to heel touches. It took about 15 minutes or so.

The workout can be found here:

Hurricane Sandy

The YoungTri executive board would like to take a moment to acknowledge those affected by Hurricane Sandy. This week’s horriffic storm has affected thousands, taken lives, and ruined homes. It has also caused lengthened power outages in many parts of the tri state area and beyond.

Click here to make a donation to the Red Cross to help those in need:

I’m at school in Massachussets, but my parents sent me these pictures of my hometown back in New Jersey. This damage doesn’t even begin to represent what some other towns and families faced. Please take a moment to think about those affected and/or make a donation!

Thanks so much,

Caitlin & the YoungTri team

Some trees down in Glen Rock, NJ in the wake of the storm