• Name: Andrew Gyenis
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Reston, Virginia
  • Years involved in triathlon: 4
  • School: Stanford University
  • Other hobbies: Open water swimming, fishing, cooking, hiking

Think it’s impossible to balance being a d1 athlete, being a student at one of the nation’s best universities and triathlon training? Think again. Andrew Gyenis from Reston, VA does just that. In this first installment in the “YoungTri Athlete Feature” series, learn about what a typical week is like for him and how he got involved in triathlons.

Andrew is currently on the Stanford men’s crew team. Learn a bit about his schedule in this article, and stay tuned for Andrew’s commentary on balancing rowing and triathlon and their similarities and differences in the next part of the feature!

A bit about Andrew’s background and introduction to the sport:

“I grew up as a distance swimmer and loved the challenges and hard work involved with distance training. When I got to high school, it is recommended that we do a sport in the fall since it is a great way to meet new guys and it is a pretty small school (about 100 guys a class). The obvious choice for me was cross country, especially since I had a couple weeks off from swimming towards the end of August. I found that I had some talent in distance running and found success pretty soon as a freshmen. I had heard that the biking was the easiest discipline of a triathlon to pick up, so that summer I borrowed a friend’s bike that was way too small for me and signed up for a sprint triathlon. From then on I was hooked. My mom always told me before a race “If nothing else, have a great open water swim”. There weren’t many open water race opportunities in my area for a 14 year old, so for a while my mentality was that I was getting in an open water race which just happened to have a fast bike and run afterwards.”

Typical training week this fall:
-Monday: Meet at 6 am to go over to the boat house for an hour row, easy 45 minute swim at 10 am, erg session with the team at 3 pm (roughly 1.5 hours)
-Tuesday: 45 minute swim at 10 am, 45 minute erg session at 4 pm, 1 hour of strength training in the weight room at 5 pm
-Wednesday: Hour row meeting at 6 am, 45 minute swim at 10 am, erg session at 3 pm
-Thursday: 45 minute erg session at 4 pm, hour of strength training at 5 pm, 45 minute easy swim at 6:15 pm
-Friday: same as Monday and Wednesday
-Saturday: Longer row starting at 8 am, hour swim at 1 pm, 30 minute run at 4 pm
-Sunday: Hour swim at 12 pm, 45 minute run at 4 pm