Training Destination and Top 5 Things To-Do: Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid, New York is a truly magical place. With Clear skies, myriad lush green trees, rolling mountains and crisp lakes, this town in the Adirondacks is a popular triathlon training destination for a reason. Each year, it is home to Ironman Lake Placid – now the longest running Ironman event besides the Ironman World Championship.

Must-do if you go:

1. PARTICIPATE IN IRONMAN LAKE PLACID! But besides this, ride the Ironman Lake Placid bike course and take a scenic jog around Mirror Lake.

2. Stay at the Golden Arrow. I’ve stayed there for five years, and I love it. If you’re there for Ironman week, you can spend time at the beach in the back, watch the race from your room, and more. Check it out:

3. Eat at Emma’s ice cream post-workout! So, so yummy. My favorite is their pineapple dairy free soft serve. Yum!

4. Go cliff diving. There are quite a few spots in Lake Placid, but my favorite is about a 10 minute drive off of the main bike course by the hungry trout. If you want to find a different spot, ask around when you’re there. There are tons of great cliff diving spots.

5. Eat at Milano North. IT IS SO GOOD. Their steak is to die for. Coupled with a canned shirley temple (or something else, but my cousins and I love the adirondacks bottled shirley temple), nothing beats it. If you’re looking for something a little less fancy and family oriented, try Tail O’ the Pup BBQ. When I went this past summer, there was live music, outdoor food, and lots of fun. Check it out!

See below for some awesome pictures!

Tri hard,





At the beach – Mirror Lake (Golden Arrow Beach)


Sunset pre-Ironman Lake Placid



View from the Golden Arrow Lobby


At the cliffs a few minutes away from the course – truly beautiful!531462_4424836785475_1930786671_n


Dancing after dinner at Tail O’ the Pup

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