TRI-BORO: Beginning of a New Era – Metro Triathlon Team

The thought of a high school triathlon team is crazy! Especially one in New York City. Queens Metropolitan High School is located in Forest Hills. It opened 2 years ago with no sports teams. I went into the school with one goal – start a triathlon team. I’ve trained for triathlons for years and have tremendous passion for it. I pushed hard for a team at the school since the school opened but initially had no luck whatsoever. In my mind, I believed it would be a great opportunity for the kids and the school to explore something new, other than your typical sports. I almost gave up hope until I met Eric Stein, the new dean of the school. Once I spoke about a triathlon team, we both went full force on making a team happen. Thirteen students, who were in all different shapes and sizes, became members of this new tam. From then on we called triathlon, bike and clothing companies to see if we can get donations or a sponsorship. Soon enough Brickwell Cycling and Multisports became our first sponsor! Triathlon is a pricey sport for an individual, especially when you are supporting and funding thirteen kids. We needed triathlon gear, bikes and uniforms.  The team held fundraisers, and sold cupcakes at a school bake sale to try to raise this money. Money from fundraising gave us the opportunity to buy some swim equipment and save up enough for uniforms, but we still didn’t have enough for bikes. The team trains six days a week from Monday through Saturday, having the goal of completing triathlons once spring rolls around the corner. Metro Tri Team is filled with dedicated kids and coaches who all want to strive for the best.  Many people, including the Daily News and Channel 1 News, have noticed us. We are proud to be the first ever-high school triathlon team in NYC. The beginning of a new era has arrived!



Elena Hlinka is a dedicated athlete, raw enthusiast and the creator of