Making History: Marymount University to Offer Varsity-Level Triathlon at the Collegiate Level

Marymount University Varsity Triathlon Program seeks motivated athletes

Arlington, Va.—Marymount University has added both men’s and women’s triathlon to its sports offerings. While many universities around the country currently have club-level triathlon teams, Marymount is the first university offering a varsity-level triathlon program.

232706logoMarymount has hired Zane Castro as head coach of both teams. Castro, formerly of Austin, Texas, has 15 years of experience coaching triathlon at both the national and international levels. Castro is hoping to bring in athletes who have already had strong performances at the Junior level, as well as athletes who have a strong history of swimming or running in high school that will aid them in switching to triathlon.

“Right now, college kids usually have to choose either running or swimming. They might reach a high level in one of these disciplines during college, but the other disciplines will suffer. Collegiate triathlon is an opportunity for triathletes to improve in all three disciplines throughout their four years in college, which is what they need to be competitive at the next level,” says Castro.marymount-va

Marymount will field its first team in the fall of 2013. Castro is actively looking for athletes to fill five men’s and five women’s slots on the team.

Marymount’s Director of Athletics, Debbie Warren, was instrumental in promoting triathlon as the university’s next sport. Warren says, “Marymount seemed like an ideal place for a tri program because the weather is pretty mild and lends itself to year-round training.”

About Marymount: Marymount University is a liberal arts institution located in Arlington, Va.—just outside Washington DC. The University’s proximity to the nation’s capital provides unique educational, professional and cultural opportunities for students while providing them a safe home in the quiet town of Arlington. Marymount provides a myriad of programs of study. Its most popular undergraduate programs are Business Administration, Nursing, Biology, and Information Technology. At the graduate level, Marymount is popular for its Forensic Psychology, Business Administration, Physical Therapy, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Elementary Education programs.

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