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Swimming Through Texas

My name is Patrick LaBrode. I’m from Clear Lake/Houston, Texas and I am currently a freshman swimmer for The University of Texas – Austin. I will be blogging about my life and experiences as I “swim through texas” during my collegiate career.

Getting to Texas:

photo (2)I started swimming on a local summer league team at the age of 5. I was one of those kids that played every sport growing up: soccer, basketball, baseball, cross country, and swimming. By 7th grade I chose swimming as my only sport, and joined a year round swim team.

I made my high school’s varsity swim team freshman year, and really started to focus a lot of my time with swimming. I began going to 5 practices a week, not just 4, and I increased my hours in the pool every year. My times dropped, and the possibility of swimming in college was growing in my mind every day.

But while I grew as a swimmer, I also grew as a triathlete. From March till August every year, I would pull back from swimming a bit, and focus more on triathlons. I joined a triathlon team (IconOne Multisport) in 2010 (sophomore year of high school) and loved training/competing in triathlon!

The summer going into my senior year (2011), I had placed 1st overall in several local triathlons, and competed at the 2011 USAT Junior National Championships. And throughout the first semester of my senior year the only thing on my mind was if I should swim or do triathlons in college.

I stressed about my decision all year! But after talking with my coaches, parents, family, and friends, I made the final decision to swim in college. I had an amazing swim season in 2012, and by March 2012, I committed to swim for the University of Texas!

It was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. I have always wanted to go to The University of Texas, and swimmer for them was a dream. And I made that dream come true!

Stay tuned for stories about the exciting, happy, painful, stressful, and overall amazing experiences I am having swimming for The University of Texas.

-Patrick LaBrode – Executive Board Member, YoungTri