The Top 10 REAL Reasons We Do Races.

one of our favorites here at youngtri, haha

1. The after race food and free-bies
2. So we can wear the black paint on our legs and brag about our amazing times
3. We always could use another race shirt for the collection
4.  We love to look up our times 2000 times.
5. So that we can get the rust of our bikes for the real race next week.
6. We love when people ask how far the race was and how fast we did it.
7. We love telling people how far the race was and how fast we did it.
8. We secretly love to be tired the rest of the day.
9. It is great to push ourselves.
10. We love to get attention. hehe

-TJ Begg(Comedic writer)


After Ironman Lake Placid last year


With my uncle Mike

484561_4424879746549_809884996_nChillin with the Ironman Mascot