It’s About More Than Just Swimming, Biking and Running [part one]

We all race for a reason.

Whether it’s to beat our old PR, to accomplish a lifelong goal, or to try something new, triathlon provides an outlet through which our competitive desires can be fulfilled. And now more than ever, more and more triathletes are proving that triathlons are about more than just swimming, biking and running.

Many individuals choose to race for a cause to intertwine their competitive spirit and their desire to serve and do good. Whether you’re passionate about finding a cure for cancer, helping the blind, helping those with special needs or otherwise, there are many avenues in the triathlon world through which racing for a cause is possible. Some of these come directly through specific charities, like The MMRF. In other cases, athletes raise money through foundations or community funds, like through the Ironman Foundation.

Through our “Get Involved” series, you’ll find out more about these opportunities – and especially how you can take advantage of them.

YoungTri will be featuring more charities in the upcoming weeks and months; especially through a series about the Ironman Foundation and the measures that the organization takes to support local non-profit organizations.

8556261One of the charities featured on’s “Get Involved” page is Swim for Smiles, a charity that YoungTri Executive Board member Alex Werden has been personally involved in for many years. The organization raises money for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital by putting on swim-orientated events involving hundreds of local children. Every year, the foundation puts on a youth triathlon in May. You can find out more about getting involved here:

2412783_origI’ve been involved with Swim Across America for over a decade, an organization that makes waves to fight cancer through swimming related events. Swim Across America has raised over $30 million for cancer research. To get involved, check out the Swim Across America site for swims all across the country as well as information on how to start your own pool swim! (It’s not difficult, promise!)

These two charities are just a few of the ways that athletes can raise money and get involved for a cause close to their heart. Check out YoungTri’s growing “Get Involved” page here: Your favorite charity not on the list? No worries! Just click “submit” and tell us about it!

We’ll have more on racing for a cause soon – with stories from athletes as well as ways to get involved in your area.

Do you race for a cause? What’s your motivation?

Tri Hard,


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