5 Quick Tips: Take Advantage of your Open Water Swim

For many new triathletes, swimming in the open water is a daunting prospect. Open water swims even give some some seasoned triathletes chills. However, open water swims can be fun and invigorating if you follow these 5 quick tips.

1. Swim with other people – swimming with other people in open water is much safer than swimming by yourself. If something goes wrong, someone is right there. Otherwise, you have someone to compete against on your swim!

2. Wear a brightly colored cap – This is very important! I usually wear my neon pink Rev3 cap or random other neon caps that I’ve gotten from other races. Neon caps definitely help you stand out in the water.

3. Wear a wetsuit – On an open water swim, having a reliable wetsuit to help you along is a must.

4. Stay hydrated – Make sure that you are hydrated before and after long swims! This helps avoid exhaustion and such in the water.

5. Enjoy yourself – Take in the scenery, stop for a minute to talk with your swimming partner, or simply push yourself and get a great workout (My cousin Erin and I like to stop in the middle of Mirror lake during our swims for a quick break and talk… hehe :). Trust me, it makes the experience much more enjoyable!

549115_4424826985230_550899117_n (1)

Open water swims are an essential part of training for races! There’s nothing like swimming in water as beautiful as Mirror Lake (pictured)

Tri Hard,


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