Core Sets: Part 2 [strong core = strong triathlete.]

On the hunt for a good ab workout?

Check out part one of this series:

ab ripperYour core is one of the most important parts of your body – and having a strong core can help improve posture, eliminate back pain, better support the body, and help us perform at an improved level on race day. Having said this, it can be difficult to find an ab set that is do-able and that really works.

The P90x ab ripper workout is a great way to get fit fast and to tone all of the core muscles in your abs. Some of the exercises include Wide Leg Sit-Ups, Pulse Ups, Leg Climbs and more. For the full workout plus explanations, click here.

For optimal and quick results, do 2x day… but if you’re just starting shoot for 3-5x a week and go from there!

Tri Hard,