Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Triathlete

YoungTricasm = Triathlon sarcasm. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks.

Part 1 in this series:


  1. You spend most vacation time in training camps and and races.
  2. You wake up before 5:00am every morning to train.
  3. You think an Ironman is EASIER than a Marathon because you don’t have to start with running!
  4. No one takes you seriously when you finish a race and say, “I will never do that again!”
  5. While you’re on vacation you don’t party with your friends and family. Instead, you go to sleep at the first chance you get because you have a long ride planned for the next day.
  6. When you ask a friend to go for a walk they grab a ton of water and food just in case you go a little overboard!
  7. Instead of going out with friends on Friday nights you sleep.
  8. Your friends stop asking if you’re training. They begin to ask how long and how far.
  9. You have a $5,000 bike on top of your 20-year-old car.
  10. Your dog runs away when you grab its leash!



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