Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack: Top 12 Most Effective Training Sessions of All Time [By Ben Greenfield]


You’re in luck.

In today’s audio interview, Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack tells us how to get 12 of his most lethal and effective triathlon training sessions of all time – and what he shares during our discussion is pure workout gold!

During our talk, Macca spills his secrets on how to do workouts like “The Elevator” swim workout, the “Roly-Poly” run workout, his unconventional trick to getting very fast on a bike, and much more.

The MaccaX12 sessionsdescribed by Chris during our interview are great for triathletes, and an instant path to quickly boosting your metabolism, blasting away fat and making massive gains in your fitness.

OK, let’s get started… (click below to listen)