Mud, Wires, Obstacles, and More: Tough Mudders

As endurance athletes, most of us are used to a challenge. We’re used to people saying “why would you ever want to do that?” when talking about our next racing venture. But even to many endurance athletes, getting covered in mud and taking part in countless difficult obstacles may sound like a bit much. However, a growing number of individuals have been flocking to Tough Mudder events all across the world to do exactly that… and participants seem to love the races.

The Tough Mudder events involve a 10-12 mile obstacle course (including elements involving fire, electric shock, climbing walls, running through mud and more) and were developed by British Special Forces.

Still not convinced? You can go to the Tough Mudder website and take a quiz (questions that include everything from your age to favorite type of mustache…) to generate a score from 1-100 that indicates how prepared/willing you may be to do the race. I was a bit skeptical when I received a 94. (I love swimming, biking, and running, but I’m still not completely sold on the whole “go under a wire fence” thing). But hey, maybe I’ll try one one day. (You can try the quiz on the homepage of the Tough Mudder website)


What are your thoughts on the Tough Mudder craze?

Many participants find the events both thrilling and a fun alternative to traditional workouts. So if you’re looking for a fun mid-season triathlon break, a new challenge or even a new event to train for with friends consider the Tough Mudder. You can find events in your area here

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