Ironman Training with VERY Limited Time: It’s Possible

Right now, I’m about 4 and a half months away from my first Ironman. As if that isn’t scary enough, I’m also a college student and a division 1 athlete (rowing) trying to balance school, rowing, social life, and training for an Ironman. Many of you may be in analogous situations – whether it be balancing school and countless extra-curriculars, going to through a busy period, or something else.

At this point, school and rowing are definitely my priority. However, having said that, it isn’t TOO difficult to find the time to fit some swim, bike, and run workouts in during the week. This helps my rowing, also, because it helps me to fit in some extra cardio – which can only help my overall fitness.

My cousin Erin is in a similar situation as me, as she is a college student at the University of Pennsylvania training for Ironman. She told me about this great, low time-commitment plan that she found in Triathlete magazine for Ironman training. I took a look at it and was really impressed.

The most important thing for me, and for all of you student-athletes or triathletes juggling work and training, is to plan ahead. PLAN your workouts for the week on an excel spreadsheet if that’s what it takes. Rowing at 6:45 and class at 10? Try to fit in a spin afterwards. Work until 5? Set your alarm clock an hour earlier in the morning to fit in some extra cardio.

This doesn’t just apply to Ironman training – it’s applicable to all events for which you might be training. It’s possible to accomplish anything – you don’t always have to have the whole day open to do it!

More updates on this topic soon. In the interim, check out the training plan I’m using from Triathlete.


Weeks 7-13 of the 20 week plan

Tri Hard,