Thought of the Day: Be Happy.

I saw the ad below in a magazine yesterday when I was finishing up  an image analysis project for my “Woman and the Body” class at school. Even though I think it was for or something, I really like the language, message, and coloring presented in the advertisement. Sometimes, it’s easy for us to get ahead of ourselves and to not live in the moment or to just be happy.

I’m challenging myself today to accept the fact that it’s okay to be overwhelmed sometimes – but that it shouldn’t always necessarily take away from our overall happiness.

Today, I have practice, lift, a project to print out (and my printer is broken!), a paper to finish, two other assignments to finish, essays to write, people to email and follow up with, 5 hours of classes, and a few phone calls to make. And I’m sure many of you have days similar to this – packed from sunrise to sunset with a whole lot of BUSY.

Things may be a bit stressful, but at the end of the day I have a lot to smile about. And so do you.

A goal going forward should be apply this positive mantra – to be happy – to our everyday lives and training. It can definitely help us to become better and more effective athletes.

[smart is being happy.]

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