Bad Moods = Better. [with a workout]

Today is a beautiful day by all accounts. Sunny, no humidity, and my last day of classes for freshman year (yay!). However — as may be the case with many others — I woke up this morning in a less than stellar mood. It probably had something to do with my alarm blaring, waking me up from a very confusing, vivid dream. I was groggy and tired, and not ready to face the day.

Anyway, as I got dressed for practice and headed down to the boathouse, I felt stressed, overtired, and anxious. It was just one of those mornings. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and not face the hours of classes, quizzes, workouts, papers, and other tasks that I knew the day would hold.

Then I arrived at practice. I sat down at the erg next to some of my teammates — underneath the high ceilings and in front of the open, sunny porch of Weld boathouse — gripping the handlebar and staring straight ahead into the mirror. And I fell into the swing into the workout. Suddenly, the stresses and grogginess from the morning seemed to evaporate — replaced by the sweet blankness that can only come during a workout.

Halfway through the workout, I was definitely tired. But with music seeping into my ears (read: lots of country and Tyga and Kesha. Yes. It was one of those mornings.) and my arms and legs pressing and swinging, I began to feel much better.

This “workout high” (no, I don’t think it just applies to runs) continued for the better part of the morning. Yes, I still have hours of class ahead of me along with papers and tests — but the workout definitely helped seep a little bit of energy into my day.

If you’re stressed about finals, work, what happened over the weekend, friends, or something else circling your mind — try not to skip your workout. It may be a bit rough getting yourself out the door to get started. But once you’re up and out, you’re up and out. And on your way to a better day.

Tri Hard,


91 Days.

91 days until Ironman Lake Placid.

Hard to believe! What races are you counting down to this summer? Do you use a countdown app like “Days Until” to track the days until an anticipated event?

Tri Hard,

High School Clubs

I have been receiving quite a few emails lately from high schoolers eager to start a triathlon club but who are not sure where to start! While I will respond to these individuals to address their individual concerns, I will also be posting some detailed information about this topic later this week! Stay tuned.

In the interim, check out this article about triathlon becoming an emerging NCAA sport — so cool! All this interest at the high school level seems to be indicative of triathlon’s overall increasing popularity; which will continue to help the sport grow at a collegiate level.

Although there was not a triathlon club at my high school when I attended, I was able to find some training buddies and connect with a local club to make my training a bit more fun.

Look out for some more info on this this week!

Are you a high school triathlete? Is there a club at your school? Or did you do triathlons in high school and wish there was one? Let us know. Email any questions you may have to!

Tri Hard,


Just a few words for today —

Today while walking back to the Yard I stopped for a moment. I breathed in the fresh air (that now feels like summer! Ah!) and was just thankful.

Sometimes in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds us, we just need to take a moment and appreciate what we have.

Tri Hard,

Vine: The New Way to Share Video Memories


I’m obsessed. Vine lets you record short snippets on your iPhone — the app then pieces them together to create a six-second looping movie. It’s pretty awesome.

Who else is on the Vine Bandwagon? Have you used it to record any of your training adventures?

Check this out for an example of the short, six minute snippet videos you can create:

Tri Hard,


9 Years and Counting: What About You?

This year will mark my ninth season as a triathlete. Crazy, huh? It seems like just yesterday I was a short (relatively speaking… haha, in my case meaning not-yet-six-one), nervous fifth grader doing her first triathlon.

I can’t imagine the last nine years without triathlon in my life. It has shaped so much of the last nine years — including a great deal of my friendships, goals, and more.

What about you? How many years have you been competing? How has triathlon impacted your life?

No matter if you’ve been a triathlete for a day or decades — the passion never has to change. Remember that. Triathlon is a sport for life… something that you can carry with you into your old age!

More on this soon. In the interim, take a moment to reflect on your triathlon career thus far — what has worked? what hasn’t? If you’ve taken a break from the swim, bike, and run life lately, what are your goals upon your return?

Nine years down. Hopefully many more to go.

Tri Hard,


#TriTunes: Twitter’s New Music App & Why it’s Awesome


There are many different styles of listening to music. I tend to be of the sort that buys a new song on iTunes then proceeds to listen to it anywhere from 15-75 times over the next week and “beats it to death”. (Ask anyone in my family or any of my close friends. They know.) When I find a new song, I just want to keep listening over and over again — but sometimes, admittedly, things can get repetitive and old quite rapidly.

Like many of us, during the week I tend to avoid spending hours looking for new music as other more important commitments take precedence. However, last week I discovered the new app from Twitter called “#music”. It makes finding new music super easy, because it aggregates all popular and trending songs from various tweets around Twitter and puts them into a sort of blocking formation — where you can click and immediately listen to lots of different songs. You can choose whether to sort the music by popularity, emerging artists, or suggested tunes (based on the artists you follow). You can link the app to a Spotify account to play the music directly.

I’ve already been able to find a ton of great new workout songs from the app — I recommend downloading it if you haven’t already.