On Rain. (run in it)

Heavy Downpour

…Aaaaaand it’s raining again.

“Great!” *sarcasm* is the thought that usually pops into one’s head when — like today in Cambridge — a sunny day is interrupted by pools and never-ending puddles of rain.

Rain can be more than just a hinderance to your dryness and overall sanity related to weather concerns — it can be cleansing. Seriously. Now, I may not be the most spontaneous person on earth, but dropping everything and running in the rain is a feeling rivaled by few other things in life.

Everything is wet. It’s dark. Your legs feel cold. But you’re moving. Maybe it’s rain’s symbolic nature — like in A Farewell to Arms, or in basically every romantic movie ever — that makes running in it so cleansing. But that aside, there’s something different about running in the rain. Your hair turns a shade darker. Your legs turn pink. Dryness has become a thing of the past. Your sneakers let in a teeeeeensy bit of water, reminding your feet that you’re not in dry territory anymore.

But it’s more than that.


You just run. Run without thinking.

You can cry without anyone noticing.

Or let out what’s been bothering you.

Your stresses, your work — it’s all left behind, even if it’s just for the 6.4 miles recorded on your Garmin. Sure, regular runs let out stress and give you a great workout — but running through puddles and through constant moisture is different — in an inexplicable manner.

And a run in the rain makes that warm shower afterwards and sitting on the porch reading a book that much better.

The rain isn’t always bad. Maybe that’s with a lot of things. We just have to take things how they are — and go with it.

Tri Hard,


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