Get Tough: Race Toughman Half

Toughman has been one of my favorite races since I competed in 2010. It’s a half ironman within 30 min of NY, NJ, and Long Island — which makes it a convenient choice for residents of the tri-state area. It’s worth penciling into your race calendar even if you’re not from the area, though, due to it’s spectacular views from the course (as you can see below) and more. This year, the race will take place on September 8th. Check out for more information!

255547_169978639729998_6359707_n 246841_169978629729999_3042585_n 255656_169978619730000_151622_n  249213_169978543063341_4450180_n 252233_169978559730006_1243822_n 248850_169978569730005_2453846_n 251067_169978603063335_6631081_n 46678_1614825296944_207304_n 47753_1614824896934_5263120_n

Tri Hard,


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