#TriTunes: Twitter’s New Music App & Why it’s Awesome


There are many different styles of listening to music. I tend to be of the sort that buys a new song on iTunes then proceeds to listen to it anywhere from 15-75 times over the next week and “beats it to death”. (Ask anyone in my family or any of my close friends. They know.) When I find a new song, I just want to keep listening over and over again — but sometimes, admittedly, things can get repetitive and old quite rapidly.

Like many of us, during the week I tend to avoid spending hours looking for new music as other more important commitments take precedence. However, last week I discovered the new app from Twitter called “#music”. It makes finding new music super easy, because it aggregates all popular and trending songs from various tweets around Twitter and puts them into a sort of blocking formation — where you can click and immediately listen to lots of different songs. You can choose whether to sort the music by popularity, emerging artists, or suggested tunes (based on the artists you follow). You can link the app to a Spotify account to play the music directly.

I’ve already been able to find a ton of great new workout songs from the app — I recommend downloading it if you haven’t already.