9 Years and Counting: What About You?

This year will mark my ninth season as a triathlete. Crazy, huh? It seems like just yesterday I was a short (relatively speaking… haha, in my case meaning not-yet-six-one), nervous fifth grader doing her first triathlon.

I can’t imagine the last nine years without triathlon in my life. It has shaped so much of the last nine years — including a great deal of my friendships, goals, and more.

What about you? How many years have you been competing? How has triathlon impacted your life?

No matter if you’ve been a triathlete for a day or decades — the passion never has to change. Remember that. Triathlon is a sport for life… something that you can carry with you into your old age!

More on this soon. In the interim, take a moment to reflect on your triathlon career thus far — what has worked? what hasn’t? If you’ve taken a break from the swim, bike, and run life lately, what are your goals upon your return?

Nine years down. Hopefully many more to go.

Tri Hard,


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