High School Clubs

I have been receiving quite a few emails lately from high schoolers eager to start a triathlon club but who are not sure where to start! While I will respond to these individuals to address their individual concerns, I will also be posting some detailed information about this topic later this week! Stay tuned.

In the interim, check out this article about triathlon becoming an emerging NCAA sport — so cool! All this interest at the high school level seems to be indicative of triathlon’s overall increasing popularity; which will continue to help the sport grow at a collegiate level. http://ow.ly/1VHyYZ

Although there was not a triathlon club at my high school when I attended, I was able to find some training buddies and connect with a local club to make my training a bit more fun.

Look out for some more info on this this week!

Are you a high school triathlete? Is there a club at your school? Or did you do triathlons in high school and wish there was one? Let us know. Email any questions you may have to caitlin@youngtri.com!

Tri Hard,