Bad Moods = Better. [with a workout]

Today is a beautiful day by all accounts. Sunny, no humidity, and my last day of classes for freshman year (yay!). However — as may be the case with many others — I woke up this morning in a less than stellar mood. It probably had something to do with my alarm blaring, waking me up from a very confusing, vivid dream. I was groggy and tired, and not ready to face the day.

Anyway, as I got dressed for practice and headed down to the boathouse, I felt stressed, overtired, and anxious. It was just one of those mornings. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and not face the hours of classes, quizzes, workouts, papers, and other tasks that I knew the day would hold.

Then I arrived at practice. I sat down at the erg next to some of my teammates — underneath the high ceilings and in front of the open, sunny porch of Weld boathouse — gripping the handlebar and staring straight ahead into the mirror. And I fell into the swing into the workout. Suddenly, the stresses and grogginess from the morning seemed to evaporate — replaced by the sweet blankness that can only come during a workout.

Halfway through the workout, I was definitely tired. But with music seeping into my ears (read: lots of country and Tyga and Kesha. Yes. It was one of those mornings.) and my arms and legs pressing and swinging, I began to feel much better.

This “workout high” (no, I don’t think it just applies to runs) continued for the better part of the morning. Yes, I still have hours of class ahead of me along with papers and tests — but the workout definitely helped seep a little bit of energy into my day.

If you’re stressed about finals, work, what happened over the weekend, friends, or something else circling your mind — try not to skip your workout. It may be a bit rough getting yourself out the door to get started. But once you’re up and out, you’re up and out. And on your way to a better day.

Tri Hard,