Surviving Finals: Athlete Edition

By Patrick LaBrode


Whether you’re a college student or high school student, you most likely have finals that are beginning to stress you out. I only have 2 finals next week, and I’m already stressing. Trying to cram everything you’ve learned from the past 4 months into your brain is not easy, and it can make you go a little crazy.

On top of this seemingly never-ending studying, you have hard training to stress over as well. Here a few tips to manage this crazy time — filled with intense workouts and assignments!

• Plan and organize! This may be most important tip. Plan your week — when you will study, when you will train, and when you will sleep.

• SLEEP! People believe pulling “all-nighters” are a good way to cram for a big exam, but studies have shown that not getting rest can have more negative effects on your grade than studying less for an exam. If you study earlier, you can sleep longer!

• Eat healthy and regularly! Make sure you maintain a good eating schedule. Eat healthy in order to fuel your body and mind to be stronger and last longer. You’ll be able to focus and maintain a clear state of mind.

• Use your workouts to your advantage. If you find yourself stressed from studying so much, take out your stress in your workout. Just focus on the “now” of the workout — push hard, and then you can feel relaxed when you go back to studying.

All four of these tips will work together to keep you strong and sane as you finish this semester. We are almost there! You got this 🙂

-Patrick LaBrode, YoungTri Executive Board Member and Swimmer at University of Texas at Austin