Spring: Sunshine, Stairs, and Stadiums

Spring is finally hereā€¦ and it couldn’t feel any better. While rebounding from my Achilles injury, it has definitely been an adjustment getting back into the tougher cardio workouts that I was used to pre-injury.

One great thing I’ve been able to do to improve my overall fitness since getting cleared (yay!) is get back to stadiums. Running up stairs (whether it be at a nearby stadium or otherwise) is a superb way to adjust yourself to hill workouts and incline training — besides being a great cardio workout. This week, I was able to go to the Harvard Stadium a few times before practice to get in some workouts.

Haven’t tried a stair workout or stadiums before? Start small. Begin by going to your local gym and using a Stairmaster or going to your local stadium and walking up the stairs instead of running — whatever it takes to adjust your body to the workout.

[FYI: A full stadium workout is completed when you run up and down each flight of stairs in each section of the stadium.]

Here’s to lots of sunshine, stairs, and stadiums this spring!

Tri Hard,