New Uniforms! …And the Countdowns Continue

A nice way to brighten my week was finally receiving the new Harvard triathlon uniforms! They look great, and I can’t wait to race on Sunday. Check back here for details on the inaugural season and first race next week!

More soon… right now I have to get back to studying and writing papers and take home exams.

Below is a look at what our new uniforms look like! I got the uni and the two piece, and I’m still deciding what I’ll wear on Sunday.

What do you wear during a race? A one piece or a two piece? Do you wear a random jersey or always represent a certain club?

Tri Hard,

PS – the countdowns continue… 81 days until Lake Placid and 2 days until I’m done with all work for freshman year! If you’re counting down the days until the end of your school year too, good luck on your exams 🙂


Woo! The top of the new uniforms

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