Running at Home

"The Rock" in Glen Rock that I've run past countless times. (It was recently featured in National Geographic! Wahoo)

“The Rock” in Glen Rock that I’ve run past countless times. (It was recently featured in National Geographic! Wahoo)

One of my favorite things about being home is going on runs. Yes, I do enjoy running along the Charles at school — but nothing beats being home and running for however long I want and never risking getting lost.

I am from a small town in New Jersey — a suburb of New York City. For many in larger towns or cities, seeing familiar faces while running is a rare occurrence; however, in Glen Rock it’s more odd if I don’t see at least 5-10 (depending on the length of your run) people I know/know of while running.

This seeing-random-people-while-running thing is kind of fun. It gets my mind off of my tired legs or the horrid hill that I may be running up momentarily; it reminds me that I’m home. Ranging from a friend’s parent to a random person I went to the same elementary school with for a year to high school classmates to friends, it’s always fun to see who I’ll run into next on a Glen Rock run.

There’s nothing like the familiar sidewalks of your hometown. Of running in the middle of a sunny summer day; of running your long-loved routes over and over again each week. Or of hearing the pitter-patter of the rain outside and deciding to run around your neighborhood; returning with a smile and puddle-soaked shoes. Hometown streets are lined with myriad precious memories; pockets of your past. Running past friends’ houses, schools, or other memory-infused landmarks makes long, hard (sometimes mundane) runs that much more interesting; more colorful.

And for me, there’s something about running at home — something about exploring the town on foot, of making my mark on the pavement with each step of my bright purple Asics, that makes Glen Rock feel a little bit more like home.

What about you? What do you like best about running in your hometown? Do you prefer to run through neighborhoods or on trails?

Tri Hard,


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