Exciting things in store for YoungTri! Stay Tuned ☺

Stay tuned this week for comprehensive posts on how to get started in triathlons (including advice on starting a high school club) — as well as this summer for some new things from YoungTri! We have lots of exciting news, posts, information, and other surprises in store.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and getting excited for summer races!

Tri Hard,

The YoungTri Executive Board

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Nothing better than summer sun ☀

There are few things in life better than summer — the ocean breezes, days spent at the pool, lake, or ocean, cruising around with the windows down, relaxing (and, of course, training for summer races 🙂 ). Since my brother is still in school (one of the benefits of being in college versus high school — longer summer!), it hasn’t felt completely like summer recently.

This weekend, however, definitely felt like summer. Amidst 90/100 degree temperatures and abundant sunshine, it seems as if the days of what seemed like an endless winter and cold fronts are gone. The past few days, filled with sunshine, concerts, country music (yes, I am from New Jersey but I do have a sweet spot for country tunes, haha), swimming, relaxing, driving with the windows down, fresh summer fruits, barbeque, and, of course, some training, served as a great start to summer.

My friend Kerry and I decided to go for a short swim in the lake, and even broke out our caps and goggles to take a break from our relaxing day at the beach. (I left my wetsuit on the sand — didn’t feel like wearing it in 95 degree weather would be the best idea, haha) Our other friends kayaked next to us, which made the workout pretty fun! Admittedly, we probably ended up talking just as much as swimming, but it made the experience a lot more enjoyable than a normal indoor swim!

Hopefully you got to enjoy some of the summer sun this weekend as well!

What are some of your favorite parts about summer? What are you looking forward to most over the next few sunshine-filled months?


perfect day at the lake with friends!


pines lake


sweltering weekend in new jersey!

Tri Hard,