Tri Tunes: Country, country, country (even though I’m from New Jersey)

Even though virtually all triathlons prevent athletes from listening to music while racing, I still enjoy training with music. Racing without music isn’t a problem, but good music during a tough training workout can really help increase your motivation, speed, and overall enjoyment of the workout.

Although for some workouts I enjoy listening to up-beat rap or pop tunes, sometimes working out to country music is perfect. The lyrics make you think, and often tell a story. My favorite country artist is the group Lady Antebellum (love, love love) — their songs are all beautiful. Their most recent album, Golden, just came out a few weeks ago. My favorite so far is “Goodbye Town” 🙂

I’m definitely not “country” — I’m from New Jersey, haha — but the music is awesome. I even went to a Rascall Flatts and the Band Perry concert last night with friends. The vibe at the concert was very low-key, chill, and happy — different from concerts of other genres of music which I have attended.

Some of my favorite country artists to listen to during (and after!) workouts are Lady Antebellum, Eric Church, The Band Perry, Hunter Hayes, Gloriana, Tim McGraw, and Kacey Musgraves — although there are SO many great country artists out there!

What do you think? Do you like country music? Would you listen to it during a workout?

Tri Hard,



Rascal Flatts & The Band Perry Concert!


Only one of us dressed country 🙂


beautiful night — so many people!


Stormy sky