Races We ❤ : West Point Triathlon



The site of the West Point triathlon – Camp Bruckner

One of my favorite races to do each year is the West Point Triathlon — for it’s scenery, proximity to home, uniqueness (it’s run by West Point Cadets!), and challenging course. I’ve been racing there since 2005 (where I did my first triathlon ever!) This year, the race will take place on August 17th.

The West Point Triathlon has always been enjoyable for my family since it is so close to home (only about 30 minutes) — and I’ve always loved the friendly, fun, and organized nature of the event.The distances of the race are a 800m swim, a 25k bike and a 5k run. The course is scenic and challenging — with lush greens and rolling hills — and many of the West Point cadets/triathlon team members compete.The West Point Triathlon team has won seven national championships, with the combined team this year placing 15th out of 104 total teams (the women’s team placed 3rd out of 85, the men’s team placed 23rd out of 102). It’s quite fun to compete alongside such talented triathletes!

This summer will be the first time since 2010 that I’ve done the race; I took a year off last summer and drove up in 2011 only to choose not to compete because of the rain (I was being a wimp. I still regret this! I’ve done a few races in the rain since then and they’ve been a ton of fun).

Check out some photos from past years at the West Point triathlon below!

You can also register for the race here

Have you done the West Point Triathlon before? Do you plan to?


West Point Tri 2008!


West Point Tri 2009!

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Tri Hard,


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