Beach Exploring: A Weekend off From Training

One of my favorite parts of summer is exploring new places. Whether it’s road tripping to see a friend, going to the beach for the day, or trying a new restaurant nearby, spontaneity and adventure are two things that make summer so relaxing and enjoyable.

This weekend, I explored the Hamptons for the first time with my friend Kerry at her beach house. Today, we even came across tons (50+!) of little crabs on the bay all together. It’s been a lot of fun, and nice to take a weekend off from training! (Although I did fit in a short run by the bay today, haha)

If you and your friends are thinking about doing something fun and adventurous this summer — a nice break away from training — try to pencil it into your calendars early! Spontaneous trips and restaurant runs are always fun, but it can sometimes be an arduous task to coordinate friends’ busy schedules for a roadtrip or weekend getaway if it’s not done in advance.

What weekends off from training are you looking forward to this summer? Have you planned anything fun with your friends?







Tri Hard,

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