“Take itty-bitty bites” to get yourself motivated

blogpicI found the above quote in Triathlete magazine a year or so ago. I still look back at it once in awhile when I’m looking for a little bit of inspiration. Struggling to get yourself to workout? Take small steps like Macca does.

I try to do this by dividing long workouts into segments — like for long bike rides focusing on the next ten miles instead of the entire ride — in order to conquer the mental “wall” that can arise before and during training.

Take it step by step.


Focus on the next lap, the next mile, or the next hill — not that you have hours to go or are behind on your pace. Once you let go of any mental barriers or stressers keeping you from performing at your best, it will allow you to take your training to the next level.

It’s okay to not get excited about working out or parts of a workout sometimes — but don’t let these thoughts turn into a behavioral pattern that affects your training.

Take itty bitty bites. That’s the key.

Tri Hard,


One thought on ““Take itty-bitty bites” to get yourself motivated

  1. I have a really hard time getting myself motivated every day! I love this quote! Im going to make a HUGE poster of it for my room. Breaking things up will help! Thanks Caity!!!! Great post! Inspiring as always!

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