Enough about the races! What to do beforehand

TJ is going to be a Junior a Glen Rock High School and does triathlons sometimes. He is the ocasional comedic poster. (this is a parody post)


Napping > Triathlons

Races. We all love ’em, right? Yeah. They are all that we think about for months. Months!

But they aren’t all sunshine and puppies. No sir! We all get jitters before a race and race season sure is coming up. But how do we deal with these jitters?

Personally, I try to keep my mind off of the race. I taper for a little bit before the race, but this can get boring. I try to occupy myself with active hobbies. I try to play frisbee with my chums, go for a hike, or maybe climb some trees (but not too high!).

But what if you don’t have many active hobbies other than triathlon? Is knitting more your thing? Maybe try to do something productive that can keep your mind at ease. But what do I know? You are the only one that knows what you like. Find something nice and use it as a way to calm those pre race jitters.

Something else that helps me before a triathlon if I can’t keep my mind off of the race is to plan out my transitions and my race plan. People always forget about their transitions, but they are a very important part of the race. Precious seconds are lost if a transition is not planned out. Those seconds mean no PR. If you don’t PR, then why are you even doing the race? Everyone knows that the only reason to do races is to brag about them, and saying you got a PR makes it much easier to do this.

Here is my checklist for better transitions:

(your job to find the list).

Stay classy out there,