Saturday Morning Adventures in Piermont, NY: Boats, Brunch, and …Triathlon Recovery?!

Yesterday, I headed about 35 minutes up north to Piermont, NY with Kaitlin, my brother, and his girlfriend. Piermont is a beautiful town on the Hudson River with a ton of cute restaurants, shops, and things to do. There are also a TON of bikers! There were bike racks everywhere, and lots of people walking around the streets in their bike clips.

First we headed off to brunch at the Sidewalk Bistro, and I had a yummy mushroom and tomato and frittata.


always gluten and dairy free!


bikes everywhere!

After exploring the town a bit more and popping into a few shops (We even went thrifting and bought a few things! My brother TJ is awesome at thrifting and found a couple of really nice pieces), we came across a new shop called the Athlete Recovery Center.

If you’re ever in the Piermont area, check it out! There is a massage therapist on staff at times, and after a tough workout athletes can use the compression boots, hydrotherapy sessions, and more. There’s even a juice bar and organic, vegan sport nutrition available for purchase. I tried the “vegn” brand today, and it worked quite well. It’s plant based, and all-natural.


one of the seats where compression boots and other recovery tools can be used! with a triathlete magazine of course!


athlete recovery center!


vegn nutrition


yummy, fresh beet juice!


the juice bar!


The pier was so beautiful!

Have you had any post-training Saturday morning adventures recently? Or stumbled across any cool triathlon-related storefronts lately?

Tri Hard,