Unplanned Runs.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than just running. Than taking random turns — running down unexpected paths, and discovering new parts about the patches of Earth around you.

This weekend I did just that.

After sleeping through the 4th of July race in CT (whoops), I decided to go for a long-ish run after I woke up. It was around 6-7 miles (actually ran without a Garmin! haha). Instead of going into the run with a perfectly calculated route and such, I decided to just run through the windy, hilly roads of Newtown. To see where the road took me.

Image 1

Holcombe Hill in Newtown, CT


So beautiful!

Image 1

Path up the hill

With the sun beating down, my legs pounding the pavement, and sweat dripping down my face, I had no plan. No set distance to run. No specific route. And it was fun. Refreshing. Felt more like exploring than a regular run workout (except for some of those hills! Connecticut isĀ hilly).

Where have your unplanned workouts taken you recently? Let us know.

Tri Hard,