There’s Nothing Like a Weekend Bike Ride. {Sunny Sunday}

Weekend rides are wonderful.

Well, besides the moment when the alarm rings. And you know that what lies before you is crawling out of bed and facing a long, arduous cycling workout. But once you’re out the door — shoes clipped, helmet on, nutrition ready — it’s like a whole different world.

Varying scenes, landscapes, animals {from alpacas to deer to turtles!}, noisy cars, bustling roads, and winding trails passing by as each minute elapses are what makes biking so enjoyable. Miles that pile onto each other and at times turn into firsts {first 30 mile ride, 50 mile ride, century, etc.}. There’s something about biking that shows the world in a whole different way. In a way that can’t be viewed from the vantage point of a walker or someone in a car. When you’re on a bike, you feel the route passing by you… since you’re powering your own vehicle.

Between windy hills, salt tablets, GUs, {lots of} water, lush green landscapes, crowded streets, aching legs, and biker’s tans {rough, haha} there’s nothing like a weekend bike ride. When you can go back home after riding and relax on the couch. Or the beach. Or with family. Or go on a run…? Haha.

Biking on the weekend is quite enjoyable. Especially on a sunny Sunday like today.


Riding at Harriman State Park in NY!


So beautiful… and so hot! About 90 degrees and a lot of humidity.


3 weeks until IMLP!


The aftermath… such a bad biker’s tan!

What do you like best about weekend rides?

Tri Hard,