Tri Treat: Low Calorie Banana Smoothie (Tastes Like Ice Cream!)

Sometimes, I’m in the mood for a treat — whether it’s post-workout or just on a lazy summer day — and this smoothie satisfies my sweet tooth with a low amount of calories (and healthy ingredients!). I stumbled across this recipe a few months ago in my kitchen. Well, to be perfectly honest my mom stumbled upon it. Haha. (I’m usually not the biggest cook, but I’m learning :)).

This banana smoothie is SO good. It actually tastes like ice cream. It’s sweet, has a nice¬†consistency, and is really refreshing. Plus, it’s super easy to make.


1 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Milk (30 calories)

4 FROZEN bananas (440 calories)

1 tbsp. Agave nectar (60 calories) – honey can be used as a substitute

Calories in 1 Serving = About 177

Total calories – 530 (For about 3 servings)

Blend until smooth and enjoy! This smoothie hits the spot on a hot day.

Image 1

The ingredients!



What’s your favorite post-workout (or treat-like tasting) smoothie?

Tri Hard,