Top Ten Ways You Know You’re A Triathlete

  1. One sport just isn’t enough. So you do three. In a row.
  2. Your friends fully expect that almost every time you hang out with them you WILL talk about triathlons.
  3. You have more workout clothes than regular clothes. And since this includes swimming, biking, and running attire, it’s a LOT.
  4. Your tan lines are weirder than any other athlete.
  5. Shot blocks and Gus are an everyday snack.
  6. One of the most used phrases in your vocabulary is “I can’t, I have to train”. (Or you have to eat. Or sleep.)
  7. Your body is so used to waking up at 6 or 7 AM due to training habits that you oftentimes cannot sleep in. No matter how much you want to.
  8. Wearing compression socks in public doesn’t phase you.
  9. While your friends have been asking for that new convertible, you’ve been eyeing the newest bike.
  10. The term “brick” has nothing to do with building houses.

Tri Hard,

Erin Begg, Caitlin Begg, Kaitlin Adams, Patrick LaBrode