Awesome & Long Triathlete Ab Workout (See Results in Days)!

Looking for a way to work your abs & see results?

I’ve found that doing this set 1-2x per day regularly (yes, it’s long, but IT WORKS!) can help you see resultsĀ very quickly. I love it and try to do it daily before my workout (although sometimes I skip it if I’m tired haha)! You may want to try doing it before a workout so that you’re not drained doing it afterwards. Adjust the numbers of the exercises to your level (for example, if you’re new to squats, start out with 20 or a lower number). You don’t want to injure yourself!

I put this together from my favorite exercises that I’ve heard of over the years online, at sports practices, and on my own. Enjoy! Haha

Caity’s Favorite Ab Set

  1. 100 squats (up to 200 if feeling good)
  2. 2-3 minute plank
  3. 90 second side plank each side
  4. 45 side dips each side
  5. 30+ pushups
  6. 100 standard crunches
  7. 150 side crunches each side
  8. 100 bicycle crunches
  9. 140 twists (70 each side) (place one arm over the other and twist from side to side with legs slightly off the ground)
  10. 200 heel touches (100 each side) (while laying down touch arms to heel in a continuous, alternating motion)
  11. 30 leg lifts
  12. 100 crunches with legs up in the air (lift legs up and do not use arms)
  13. 50 bridges & hold after 50th for 2 minutes (lay down with knees up & bent and bring abs up and down like a bridge)
  14. 50 triangle crunches (hold hands in triangle and look through & crunch)
  15. 1 minute plank
  16. 20 pushups

Kaitlin and I did this ab workout together before we went running earlier this week!

What’s your favorite ab set? How often do you do core workouts?

Tri Hard,