Tri Traveling: What to Eat & Do to Stay in Shape {and have fun} On Vacation!

SO your bags are packed. Your itinerary is set. Your tri training is put to the side. (Unless it’s an Ironman trip. Haha).

One of the best things about the summer is traveling. Taking time off from training, work, and school to just relax, enjoy the sun, and not worry about completing your next AT workout or eating super healthy. But to avoid gaining weight/losing a ton of fitness over an extended vacation, try these tips:

  • Research food options. – Especially if you have a special dietary need (like Gluten Free or Dairy Free), research the food options available to you before you travel! You can plan to go to various restaurants, buy snacks at certain healthy stores, etc.
  • Watch your portions. You can go for that exotic {not so healthy} meal or yummy new dessert — as long as you watch your portions. Anything is okay in moderation {once in awhile} :).
  • Try unique workouts. To avoid that post-vacation “out of shape” feeling, try unique workouts! Go paddleboarding, an exploratory swim around the lake or ocean where you’re staying, sailing, yoga, a short jog along the shoreline, hiking, or something else popular at your vacation destination! Switching it up will help you stay in shape and enjoy yourself while on vacation.
  • Involve your family! – If you’re traveling with family, loved ones, or friends, involve them in your vacation workouts and healthy eating! Try paddle boarding with your sibling, go on a short swim and chat in the middle of the lake with your parents, or take your friend on a hike or jog. Split new & exciting dishes with each other at dinner, and keep each other in check when it comes to working out & not overeating.
  • Don’t be extreme. – Instead of either working out for 2 hours every day and eating perfectly and not working out at all, find a balance. It may be difficult at first, but your post-vacation self will thank you. Fit in a significant deal of rest (that’s what vacations are for!) but don’t go crazy.
  • Allow a little wiggle room. Remember that you’re allowed to take a day off from working out and eating healthy once in awhile. {That’s what vacations are for!} The most important thing is to enjoy yourself :).

The key to staying in shape and enjoying yourself on vacation is balance.

What’s your favorite way to stay in shape while on vacation?

Tri Hard,