“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.” {Swim, Bike, Run}

One of the best things about triathlon is the sport’s ability to make us lose ourselves. To get so caught up in our training, race, or workouts that we forget what we’re doing. Finding your passion in swim, bike, and run is part of what makes the sport so enjoyable — and possible to lose yourself in it.

Sometimes, it’s at this point when we find ourselves, too. Break through a wall. Discover new things about ourselves. {No matter how corny it may sound — it’s true :)}.

Triathlon is more than a sport – it’s an escape. An outlet and means through which we can lose ourselves and take a break from everyday life — even if it’s just for a few hours at a time :). 

How have you found yourself through triathlon?



Tri Hard,


2 thoughts on ““We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.” {Swim, Bike, Run}

  1. I swam for 10 years and had aspirations to go to the 2016 Trials. When I was 16, I dislocated my spine when I slipped trying to get out of the pool after a race. This abruptly ended the swimming career and to say I was upset is putting it lightly. I felt anger and disappointment in myself and the experience of being injured had me frightened to try something else.

    After a year or so, a teacher at my high school and close family friend got me into biking and then suggested I try triathlon. I didn’t take him seriously until the summer before I went to college. The year before, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, but he still managed to come out on weekly rides after bouts of chemo. I can’t fully express how much this man inspired me, but his faith in my ability gave me the strength to overcome my negative feelings. When he passed away last September, I dedicated my first triathlon to him.

    I originally started triathlon to thank Coach Umberger and to let him know I wouldn’t give up again, but now I realize how much I’ve benefited too. Now that I’m deeply rooted in the sport, I don’t feel like a failure anymore for having to quit swimming and I’ve discovered a peace in training I didn’t realize how much I missed. In a way, the dedicated, hard-working, persevering, confident, and strong part of me that went dormant after I stopped swimming has re-awoken, so I guess you could say I’ve “re-found” myself through triathlon.

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