Race Day Warm-Up

Most athletes understand the importance of a good warm-up before a workout — but sometimes, athletes forget to get a good warm-up on race day.

When race day comes, make sure you arrive early to set up everything you need in transition! Walk the swim-in, bike-out, bike-in, and run-out to make sure you know where to go if need be. After you do all of those necessary things, make sure that you have enough time to fit in a solid warm-up.

One of the best warm-ups to do is to get in the water and swim a few hundred meters. The swim is the first event of the triathlon — so it is important that your body is ready to swim before anything else. If you can’t get in the water prior to race day, bring light swim chords or bands, with you. Do a few sets of 20-25 repetitions, or until you feel ready to race! After you put on your wetsuit, or whatever you wear to race, many race directors allow you to get in the water for a few minutes. For many athletes that is not enough — so be prepared with equipment that you will need for a full warm-up.

One other thing that a lot of athletes do that will not get them warmed-up to race is static stretching (what you will do post-race) which is the classic “stretching.” The best way to warm up before a race is to increase your core temperature so that your muscles are relaxed and ready to work!


After the Red Bank Triathlon!

-YoungTri Ambassador Brittany