Blue Bands Everywhere! {Race Bracelets & Their Sentimental Value}


Haven’t taken off either since IMLP!

Usually at longer races, participants are given some type of bracelet – usually with the name of the race, race number, and sometimes even a name. Some take off the thin bracelets immediately after the race, and others (like my uncle Billy) wait until the next year to cut off the reminder of the race.

For the past week or so, I’ve kept on my two bracelets that I wore during Ironman Lake Placid. They’re a constant reminder of both my experience in Lake Placid, and of Grace (for the purple bracelet).

Part of the magic of “Ironman Week” in Lake Placid is walking around the days prior to the race and seeing people around town wearing their (this year) blue bracelets — the blue band becomes a symbol of connection; a common thread — that those with the blue tags are all going through the same experience {nerves, excitement, and everything in between}. The blue bracelet becomes a conversation starter during the week – a “Is this your first Ironman?” or “How are you feeling about the race?” exchange between two strangers becomes common during Iron Week.

The Finisher hats, shirts, and medals are all well and good, but the blue bracelet {To my knowledge all five Beggs still have the bracelets on two weeks later, haha :)} serve as a subtle reminder of the race and fun memories that surround it each day. (Even though the time will eventually come to cut it off. That date has not been determined yet, though :P)

As I was cleaning out my room yesterday, I came across the bracelet from my first Half Iron Distance race. It was crumpled in the corner of one of my drawers (whoops), but seeing it reminded me of how much fun my first 70.3 was — of being fourteen, of racing with my dad for the first time, of the eleven mile hill (still makes me cringe), and of the finish line.

Keeping medals and finisher shirts are obvious ways to commemorate your race — but does anyone else keep on their race bracelets for a few weeks after the race? Or is it just my crazy family and me? 🙂

Tri Hard,



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