4 Quick Steps to Ensure Speedy Recovery and Avoid Post-Race Depression


1. Eat. A lot. Make sure you’ve eaten enough immediately post-race and in the days following the event to avoid fatigue. Seems like a no-brainer, but planning ahead can keep you from forgetting to prioritize your post-race nutrition needs!

2. Rest. Force yourself to take a few days off if it was a longer race, and at least one rest day followed by active recovery (easy swim/spins) the next few days if the event was shorter. Believe me, it makes a world of a difference. 🙂

3. Wear finisher gear. Haha What better way to get over post-race depression than to wear your finisher gear and remind you (and others) of the race constantly? Haha

4. Keep in touch. Make new friends at the race? Meet someone at the podium or the athletes’ dinner who you really like? Stay in touch! All it takes is a little extra effort – a Facebook message or text here and there – to keep a friendship going. Who knows, you may see them at another upcoming race! {more on this in a post later in the week}

Here’s to the next great race & speedy recovery!


It can be difficult to leave beautiful race destinations!


Hannah and I have kept in touch since IMLP!

Tri Hard,