Tri Top 5: Your 5 Favorite Parts of the Swim, Bike, & Run World

Tri Top 5 is a new YoungTri Column featuring members from across the world and their five favorite parts about the swim, bike, & run world. The first member featured is Diana D’Achille, a senior at Marywood University in Pennsylviania.

306280_10150768734175643_11312_nAll my life I have had a passion for competitive sports. When I am not working on school work assignments, I am outdoors being active. I’ve played soccer, basketball, lacrosse, cross country, track, volleyball, and even was on a rugby team. Anything active, I’m in!

In middle school I competed in travel soccer and was on my schools cross country team. When it came time to graduate to high school, I had to decide between soccer or cross country. Back in middle school I was beating most of the guys on my team. The choice to continue cross country was very difficult because I loved soccer, but in the end it has been very rewarding.

I now am a college student at Marywood University going into my senior year. I compete in cross country in the fall and lacrosse in the spring. The two sports compensate each other, a lot like triathlons — in that working in multiple areas can help you in more ways than one. Being involved in team sports has always been something I enjoyed. These sports have taught me about discipline and perseverance, which ultimately a triathlete should possess.

{My 5 favorite reasons for competing in Triathlons……}

1. The Competition – I’d be lying if I said competition didn’t give me the desire to compete. The competition you find in triathlons is outstanding! With triathlons you always have that one event that you love and maybe one you just feel is average. The same goes for the other competitors. With that being said, there will always be a competitor in the swim, bike, or run that goes above and beyond… or a competitor in the men’s wave that started minutes ahead of you, but is within your reach… a challenge, a feeling of exhilaration. Competition makes me happy and motivates me to work harder as an athlete.

2. The Goals – The idea of setting multiple goals for different events is a thrill. I love planning out exactly what needs improvement and developing a workable training plan. Analyzing my strengths and weaknesses of three sports helps to keep things interesting. Hard work certainly goes a long way as a triathlete.


3. Adventures – The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a race to compete in. I find myself getting into as I call “adventures” along my triathlon journey. There is no end of the road for triathlons. The training will bring you places you never thought you would see yourself. You will always have that opportunity to finish a race that you have trained for months for, only to say to yourself, “What race am I going after next?”


4. Non-Intentional Beach Body – Please read the title of this reason again. Yes, haha it’s a given. The worl you put your body through during training will not only bring you to success out on race day, but in everyday life! It will “non intentionally” improve your health, nutrition, strength, and outlook in life. Swimming, biking, and running are also a great way of cross training which help to prevent injuries!


5. Meeting and Motivating – You have to admit meeting other athletes that are into the same hobbies as you is pretty cool! I have always found runners, swimmers, bikers, or any other competitive athletes to have a strong outlook on life. They tend to be very motivating, inspiring, and hard working people. The competitors you meet at the races are always down to earth and easy to get along with! Knowing that your hard work won’t only help you succeed in a race but will also motivate others is a great feeling!

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