Top 5 Ways You Know Your Summer Triathlon Season is Almost Over

1. You’ve already started planning out your race calendar for next year. A trip here, a trip there… some sprints in May and June and an Ironman in July. Next May isn’t so far away, right?!

2. There are more empty gel and protein bar boxes around your house than normal food. Your body doesn’t even know what a week without tri food is like anymore…

3. Your training tan lines are past the point of no return. The upper half of your legs are white, your sunglasses tan is set, and (for girls) your sports bra tan seems to be etched into your skin.

4. You haven’t really faced the fact that your last race is this weekend. How is it already late August?!? It seems like just yesterday you were going on your first open water swim of the season!

5. Your new goggles are a tad scratched – your wetsuit worn in… you seem to be wearing race t-shirts everywhere and your bike & helmet have layers upon layers of old race numbers on them because you can’t bring yourself to peel them off.

There’s nothing better about summer triathlons – trips to new (and favorite) destinations, completing new goals, and meeting new tri friends. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end (at least until next year). 🙂

What was your favorite part about your summer triathlon season?


Last day at my favorite open water swim spot for the summer this week! Be back next May for more Ironman training 🙂

Tri Hard,

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