Final Summer Race: YoungTri Takes West Point Triathlon


The West Point Triathlon was my last summer race before heading into the fall racing season. I wore my Harvard jersey alongside many of the West Point athletes {both teams are in the NECTC – New England Collegiate Triathlon Conference. Stay tuned for a post on the NECTC tomorrow, as well as more features during the fall season}.


Camp Buckner – site of the race

The race took place at Camp Buckner, about 30 minutes from my house. My cousins had car trouble and arrived less than five minutes before transition closed, so my dad and I helped set up the other 5 Beggs’ transition areas quickly! 7 Beggs total completed the West Point Tri this year — missing a few!


Transition Area


YT Contributor Alex is on the West Point Tri team & was at the race also


Before the swim start… rockin’ the cone head look!


Team RWB was represented quite a bit at the race.


…And we’re off!


Coming out of the water

My aunt Leah on the bike!

My aunt Leah on the bike!

Post-race selfies

Post-race selfies


After the race! #selfies


Same number! Lol


The 4 Begg girls that raced after the finish!


Dancing after the race (I was terrible)

My cousin Erin placed third in her age group, Alex got second in the cadet category, my dad placed second in the clydesdale category, and I got second in the Athena category! For the full results, click here.

The West Point Tri is always a favorite for me, since I did my very first triathlon there in 2005. I’m excited to race again there next year again with my family! It’s always a nice way to wrap up the summer racing season.

What was your favorite end of summer race?

Tri Hard,