“Let every minute of training and racing make you happy”

“Let every minute of training and racing make you happy”

LOVE this quote from YoungTri Ambassador Paloma. Training & racing — although challenging — SHOULD be a source of happiness. 

Read below to learn more about YT Ambassador Paloma – from Mexico City! Stay tuned for more Ambassador features {and the Ambassador Page launch} very soon! If you’re interested in applying to be a YT Ambassador, click here.

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Why are you excited to be an ambassador?I’m excited to be an ambassador because I want young people to get involved into sports!

Fun fact about yourself

A fun fact about myself is how emotional and silly I get during training… the good part is that I can stay focused during cycling! So focused, in fact, that I remember during my first triathlon I came out of the water and ran to T1, geared up and hopped on my bike….it wasn’t until T2 and un-clipping my helmet that I realized i still had my goggles on…..OOPS!

Are you a part of a triathlon club? What events do you have coming up?

Im not part of a triathlon club, however i am part of a swimming club. We will be crossing the sea, approximately 35k swimming in teams of 8 and by pairs every 30 minutes to help raise funds for kids cancer research and equipment! We’re all very excited and training hard! The race is two weeks before my Ironman 70.3 in Austin so I’m racing as part of my last long hours training before the big day! 🙂