Transition Periods {Back to Cambridge!}

After getting back into the swing of things in New Jersey over the summer, I’m now transitioning back to life in Cambridge! I moved back in yesterday {I’m a sophomore at Harvard}, and things {surprisingly} already feel settled.

Transition periods can be a bit rough — the anticipation of a change, moving from one atmosphere to another, and so on and so forth; but they can also be fun. It’s been great to see everyone & be back in Massachusetts! I saw my crew teammates for the first time today, and I’m super excited for the fall racing seasons for both crew and triathlon.

Some tips for transition periods –

  • Stay organized. Last year when I moved in I brought WAY too much stuff & I wasn’t very organized. I’m making an effort to keep my room a lot more organized this year. Transitioning from one place to another {or from one point in your life to another} can be a lot less overwhelming if you’re organized.
  • Embrace the change. Worrying about the change in your life will only create more stress! Stay positive & excited for what’s to come.

See below for some pictures from my transition week 🙂


Last family day at the beach!

On the ferry home

On the ferry home from Martha’s Vineyard 😦


Leaving Martha’s Vineyard 😦


Good to see the boathouse again! Love rowing at Weld


Kaitlin (YoungTri Executive Board Member) and my families finally met this weekend in Boston!


Reunited in Cambridge!


First bike workout in the dorm!


Bike in the room! (connected to a Cycleops) – and almond milk in the background haha

The wall above my desk!

The wall above my desk! (with lots of tri stuff – my Ironman race bib, medal, & some YoungTri stuff) 🙂


Mom (&dad &TJ) helped me move in all day!


The room!


Roommate love! First weekend out!

Have you gone through a transition period recently? How have you been adjusting?

Tri Hard,