Tri/Run/Walk for a Cause: Racing for a Reason {share your causes with us!}

Today, I did a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event with my roommate Justyna and some other girls from Harvard. It was a really nice event – and the walk was gorgeous! Right along the Boston Harbor.

Walks/Runs/Tris for causes are super fun and a great way to workout and do some good 🙂

What are your favorite events for a cause? Email and we could feature yours on the site!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer's!

My roommate Justyna and I at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

photo 1-8

Cambridgeside Galleria – site of the walk

photo 2-5

Boston Harbor! Such a beautiful walk

Have you done a race or event for a cause recently?

Tri Hard,


CollegeTri with Friends: Submit your Pictures!

One of my (many) favorite things about college is sharing my love for triathlons with my friends! Whether it’s racing or training, it’s always more fun to do with a friend. 🙂 Kaitlin and I do a lot of things together besides triathlon/YoungTri related stuff (although tris do come up in a lot of our convos) too!

Sophia (one of my best friends at Harvard who is on the crew team with me) and I! Classic YT pic haha

Sophia (one of my best friends at Harvard who is on the crew team with me) and I! Classic YT pic haha

Out to dinner in Boston with Kaitlin and Lilly (her awesome little sister)!

Out to dinner in Boston with Kaitlin and Lilly (her awesome little sister)!

We want to see pictures of you and your college triathlon team, with your tri friends out and about, or anything of the sort! Email with the subject “CollegeTri”. Some of our favorites will win free YoungTri gear (shirts!) with their next purchase in the YoungTri store!

What’s your favorite part about sharing your college triathlon experience with friends?

Tri Hard,


Adrenaline. {Get Your Blood Pumping}


Blood pumping.

Heart racing.

It’s one of the best things about athletics — and triathlon specifically. The rush of adrenaline at the beginning of the race; heart beating and mind racing. The extra surge of power your body produces to get you up that hill. The extra surge in muscle strength and production of energy from the production of adrenaline often leads to improved performance (scientifically proven!).

Everyone has their own way of getting pumped up before a race — but there are a few general things that help me get my “blood pumping” before and during a race.

[[Get your blood pumping: Adrenaline in Tris]]

Pump-Up playlist – I like a mix of Drake, Tyga, country music, and other random inspirational songs. Find the genre/mix that works for you and stick to it!

Some of my favorite workout songs recently:

  • Furthest Thing – Drake
  • Enjoy the Ride – Krewella
  • Rock N Roll – Avril Lavigne
  • Youth (Adventure Club Remix) – Foxes
  • Stay the Night (feat. Hayley Williams) – Zedd

Mental Clarity/Focus – Controlled Thoughts and focus can help to channel your adrenaline and extra energy in a productive manner. Think of things that motivate you or that anger you (or a bit of both) to push yourself up that difficult hill or stretch during the race. If it helps, you may want to take some time pre-race to think of what types of thoughts will keep you focused and motivated during the race. So much of the race is mental — and it’s important to make the mental part of your race useful in channeling your extra adrenaline and strength on the course.


Breathe. Focus. Find a great workout playlist. And conquer the mental portion of the race. {Get your blood pumping}

Extra Push – The ability to push that extra l i t t l e bit is so important – especially at the end of your race. Dig deep, channel all of your inner strength, and get your blood pumping to have a great finish.

How do you feel adrenaline affects your race? 

Tri Hard,


YoungTri Store Launch! {}

We felt it fitting to launch the YoungTri store on the 39th anniversary of the sport of triathlon. On today’s date in 1974, the sport of triathlon was born – and we’re celebrating with YoungTri gear! 🙂 We ship to all 50 states and internationally (shipping rates vary by location).

YoungTri sweatshirts, cotton and moisture wick t-shirts, sunglasses, stickers, and drawstring backpacks are now available for purchase on!

The first 5 orders today get free sunglasses – and EVERY order placed today gets a free sticker!


Happy shopping!

Tri Hard,

Caity & Kaitlin

The Science of Happiness. {Do We Have it Backwards?}

Recently, I’ve come across quite a bit of content about the science of Happiness. My professor for SLS 20 (Science of Living Systems 20, an intro Psych class) Dan Gilbert has written quite a bit of material on this topic. On my official visit to Harvard senior year, I stumbled (ha… when you see the title of his bookupon his book that peaked my interest on the topic of happiness and how it affects our overall well-being and success levels.

Happiness affects so many aspects of our life — our self image, the way we view the world, others, and daily occurrences in our lives — but it seems to fall by the wayside in many people’s lives.

Why is this?

Many of the videos I’ve watched recently state that we have it backwards — that it’s not that we need to be successful to be happy — it’s that we need to be happy to be successful.

Check out some of the videos below and let us know what you think.

The Science of Happiness – is it true that the more successful you are the happier you are?

Professor Gilbert’s TED Talk on the surprising science of happiness

The Science of Happiness – An experiment in gratitude

Do you think that you need to be happy to truly be successful — in sports or otherwise? Or do you think that it’s the other way around?

Tri Hard,


Just Freestyle? No Way! {Try this Mixed Stroke Set for a Great Workout!}


My teammates and me at a district champ meet last year!

Many triathletes tend to focus on just freestyle. “Why wouldn’t you?” You say, “You’re only going to be racing freestyle during a triathlon, so there’s no reason to practice other strokes.”

While it’s true that you won’t be swimming fly, back, or breast during a triathlon, it is still beneficial to practice other strokes! Mixing up strokes during practice keeps the body balanced and even and uses different muscles that you use during the bike and the run.

Although you may not be as good at the other three strokes as you are at freestyle, practicing them a couple times a week will greatly improve your strength and overall swimming skills!

IM/Freestyle set:

4x200s as 100 free, 100back with 20 seconds between each 200

Kick set:
8x100s kick as 50free kick/50 fly back or Brest kick. Rest 15 seconds between each 100

Free/IM main set:
4x100s freestyle moderate pace
50 easy
3x100s freestyle moderate pace, 1×100 IM fast!
50 easy
2x100s freestyle moderate pace
2×100 IMs fast!
50 easy
1×100 freestyle moderate
3×100 IMs fast!
50 easy
4×100 IMs FAST

Warm down! Great job!!


Flooding = My first Duathlon. {Buzzards Bay Adventures}

I woke up yesterday morning thinking that I was going to do a triathlon in Buzzards Bay with the Harvard Team. Little did I know I wouldn’t even be setting foot into the ocean!

It rained. A LOT. And kept raining. And storming. The ride from Harvard to Buzzards Bay was filled with a crazy amount of rain. After delaying the start from 9 AM to 10 AM, the racers eventually received a call saying that the swim was canceled — and  that the race was to now have a run start (the 1/3 mile swim was switched to a 1.8 mile run).

It was time for my first duathlon! Haha


Crazy amounts of rain on the way to Buzzards Bay!


The rain didn’t damper our spirits. I had waaaay too much energy and was dancing in line with Jake!

I understood the race directors’ concerns for riptides and dangerous ocean currents in the wake of such terrible weather, but it was also super disappointing. I mean, technically we weren’t doing a triathlon (in the traditional sense of the word) anymore :(. But, instead of letting the switch get us down, my team and I decided to make the best of it!

I had an absurd amount of energy that morning (still don’t really know why, haha) and decided to embrace the rain and dance in line, hang out with friends in the damp conditions, and look forward to the race.


Rain didn’t get us down!

When it came time to go over to transition — I was shocked at how flooded it was! I trudged through the waters to set up my things, and set down all of the garbage bags that I brought.


Crazy-flooded transition area!

When it came time to start — it felt weird to not have to put on my wetsuit, grab my goggles, put on my cap (and look like a conehead) and get ready for the swim. The duathlon start felt like the start of a 5k — crazy, hectic, and packed! Since I was in the collegiate wave (and we went off first), tons of colorful jerseys representing schools like UConn, UVM, Syracuse, Dartmouth, and many more dashed off to start the 1.8 mile run.


Iron 18s reunited (Hannah from Lake Placid) – making our way through the floods

The first run definitely felt weird — and I think that I went out a little bit too fast! My 7:06 average pace versus my 8:10 average pace in the final 5k was definitely indicative of this. My shoelace also came untied about five steps into the first run… but I didn’t want to lose momentum so I chose not to stop and tie it. It was definitely an adventure trying to keep my shoe on for the entirety of that run!

It was an unexpected adventure to try a duathlon — but I know for sure that tris are more my thing. I don’t think that I could get used to running at the beginning of the race!

More on the race soon — including stories from other YoungTri members, team pictures, and more about the collegiate triathlon world.

Have you ever done a race that was switched to a duathlon? How did you deal?

Tri Hard,