Let Go or Be Dragged. {Be Happy}

Today, while shopping for books for my classes {I’m taking a bunch of Gov classes this semester and French!}, I came across this magnet. I was struck by the phrase “Let go or be dragged”.

I’ve learned this a lot over the past year. I’ve become a much happier person than I was last year because I’ve learned to let go of the things that have caused me anxiety, stress, and sadness. This is not to say that stress never comes, or that I am happy 24/7 –but overall, I am happy. And I’m thankful every day. And this is because I’ve learned to let go.

I’m sure you can relate — how it can be easy to be dragged down by negative people or events (whether in personal matters or in training). But what I’ve learned is that the ability to let go often comes in time. With patience.


Focus on the positive in your life — the amazing people around you and the people who make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. This coupled with focusing on your passions (swimbikerun? or other things?) and outlets like triathlon will ensure that you’re able to let go and be happy.

You can do it.

Let go — don’t be dragged.

Tri Hard,